Learning never exhausts the mind.
—  Leonardo Da Vinci

why you should join

At CodersPeak we like to think of us as a family rather than 
a company. We believe that working in a friendly and relaxed environment is the key to success so we take the time to support each other and build quality relationships. 

With plenty of opportunities to socialize and work flexibility you are guaranteed not to be bored. 

Join us on board and be a part of this exciting journey! 

CodersPeak culture

Our culture is based on mutual trust and respect for each other. Whether you are an entry-level coder budding to become a world-class performer or an experienced pro with many years of coding under your belt. you’ll be part of a unique group.

We truly value work flexibility, while making sure that we feel personal and professional growth.

At CodersPeak we deliver when it matters creating award-winning products, and never forget to have fun in between!

perks & benefits

B2B or permanent contract

flexible work hours

company lunch everyday


private medical insurance

integration trips

table football

movie evenings